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Is there ever a right or wrong way to play poker? Yes, there are many different hands, and there is certainly an art to the bluff. However, there are always things that experienced players try that newbies may not always think to push for.

Whether you are a seasoned table shark or are just getting used to the game, as a regular visitor to the brilliant Free Casino Player or otherwise, there are always little insights you can draw from the way that other players handle themselves. Here are a few quick tips on what to look for from experienced players – and who, therefore, may be your biggest threats.

Experienced players are not easy to spot

The key to finding an experienced player is – of course – looking for those that blend into the background. These are the players that won’t push for every big win opportunity. However, they also won’t fold right away, either. Truly experienced players, at least the most successful ones, have the knack of appearing completely inconspicuous.

That’s because there is much stress and pressure put on players to ‘adopt a style’ or ‘try a strategy’. While these may work in practice, they can also let you down when it comes to setting up that bluff and adopting that perfect poker face. Experienced, successful players know that letting a playing style slip is a surefire way to losing chips.

Experienced players won’t rely on strategies

The longer you spend playing poker, the sooner you will start to find your own playing style and strategy. It is very tempting to look for strategies and secrets early on if you want to make your mark. However, as established, that’s not always a good thing. While there’s plenty of reasons why you should look for techniques to win at bingo and more besides, poker strategies might not give you the lead you need.

Experienced and successful players will tell you that mixing things up – keeping a varied game, for example – is always likely to throw other players off the scent.

Experienced players aren’t afraid to lose

Ultimately, those players who have been in the game the longest are never likely to come across as the sore loser, nor are they ever likely to break down from a big loss. That is, successful players with years of experience, anyway.

Experienced poker players will lose occasionally and also recognize the power of variance in the game. You win some, you lose some – it is much like life itself! As such, experienced players don’t win game after game, and they certainly don’t place all of their chips on one or two hunches.

Experienced poker players do have different playing styles and will see the art of poker very differently from each other. However, those successful players with plenty of experience behind them will likely blend into the crowd – and may well be making a living off their subterfuge in the bargain. It’s all about practice!

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